re:motion designs contacted me after they had just gotten word of their inclusion in TIME Magazine's 50 Top Inventions of the Year. They had 13 days to get a new website up to receive the onslaught of traffic that was sure to come after being featured in the TIME article. Their old website was serving as an okay placeholder, giving basic information about their team and mission, but it did not accurately represent their ideals and personality. It was also clearly dated, featuring 1995 era visuals and typography. It wasn't providing great access to the information that people wanted quickly, and it wasn't succeeding in steering people to get involved with their mission. What they needed was a new site that could tell a compelling story. After a week and a half of research and gathering materials for the redesign--and studying for my midterms--I designed and coded up the SEO friendly, HTML5 site. With 18 hours of design and development spread over 2 days, it was a blistering pace for a project, but the result was very satisfying.