I began at Squarespace in 2011 through the NYC Turing Fellows program. I learned so much while I was there, I can hardly describe it. What follows is a small selection of projects from my work at Squarespace. Presented, to my chagrin and regret, without the context of relevant product and technical constraints.

Concepts for a "Concrete" Interface

Here is a selection of mockups for an improved CMS interface where the actual website is visible most of the time. This makes the connection between your edits and the resulting changes on your website more readily apparent. Instead of an "abstract" view of your content, you get a "concrete" one. What you see is what you get.

Sitemap View

This is one idea for seeing an overview of your website. In this scenario, the user would manage which pages appear on their site using actual screenshots of the actual pages.

New Age Navigation Content Editing

We were exploring a CMS interface where the site remains on screen and our management interface comes in around it. Given that environment, in these mockups I explored editing in an iOS-list-style edit mode. A separate mode works well because it prevents unintended changes to a live site.

Full Width Section Ordering

These two screenshots feature possibilities for a page-building interface where full width section templates can be combined and reordered to make a page.

Redesigning Stats

The first major project I had complete ownership of was the redesign of our "stats" interface, the analytics component to our CMS. We needed to better surface actionable information and make it easier to find out what happened on your site during any given time period.

Stacked Graph

The switch to a stacked graph makes it easy to see not only important changes in your readership or activity, but also which posts contributed to those changes.

Drilling Down

Double clicking on a slice of information takes you to a new stacked graph with more information about the clicked on slice.

Next Generation Stacked Graph

The new stacked graph was also explored in the context of the "concrete" interface concept (now known as Squarespace 7).

Modular Dashboard

I thought the addition of a customizable dashboard would make it easier to see your site's performance at a glance.

The dashboard in the Squarespace 6 UI on the left, and a  concept for how it could fit in to version 7 on the right.


I have worked on a number of new UI widgets to support new and modified features.

Link Editing

Users needed a way to easily link to other websites, content within their website, and files inside of their posts.

Account Menu

After designing this account menu widget, I coded it myself for release into production.

An early iteration on the left, and a closer-to-final visual style on the right. 

Commerce Mobile Application

Recently, it has become clear that our mobile apps need to split up and specialize. These screens below are a concept for a commerce companion app.

A POS, selling view.

A sample main navigation drawer.

The inventory management section.